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iPassport is currently offering two solutions, Cognosco and Stashd. They both offer different benefits from customisable SDKs to offline transactions that can be deleted after completion. Whatever it is you’re looking for, our solutions are fully adaptable to integrate seamlessly into any operation. 

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Cognosco is an on-premise private service using facial recognition, document storage and a web management tool. It can be custom branded but powered by Cognosco and run locally onsite. The individual’s details can be enrolled on site with their details registered for the duration of their visit and deleted after 24hrs. 

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Stashd is a cloud based digital information service designed to eliminate the need for physical documents using biometric technologies. We work with a network of partners that specialise in  delivering and integrating the service to each industry sector, including aviation, retail, and entertainment. 

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iPassport currently has two solutions; Cognosco and Stashd. They can can be used independently or can work alongside each other. For more information please visit our websites.